Monday, September 10, 2012

Mr G's Top 10 Linux Apps you should support

I know some of you out there may prefer or use other programs in Linux and that is just fine. These applications are some of the best I have come across so far and many I simply can't live without.

10. Teamviewer - The best desktop virtualization for Linux I have used so far apart from VNC.

9. Kompozer / NVU - Gigastrand wouldn't have a website without it.

8. Spideroak - Forget Carbonite. They do not have Linux support and they cannot backup multiple systems from 1 account. Spideroak can.

7. Filezilla - The publish feature in Kompozer is nice, but this is better. I use it every day.

6. VLC Media Player - This is a must have for any PC I own.

5. Wine -Free and works well with many programs. I do not have any support for it in Linux Mint Debian though.

4. Virtual Box - We use this Free Utility to run multiple operating systems on a single support server. Better than dual-booting or using multiple drives.

3. Firefox - Love it or hate it, it is hands-down the best cross-platform browser I have ever used. I have even been able to install it on my Linux machines manually. Once you do that, it will update itself automatically which can keep an old Linux PC usable and worthwhile.

2. Codeweavers Crossover Office and Crossover Games - I know I have wine on the list here as well, but if you want the whole package, here it is. They support Wine, they sponsor Linux events, they are funny - looking (J/K). The Windows application support is second to none in both Linux and MAC. The program, the people are just awesome. While I do not use the software myself (which is one of the reasons it is #2), I highly recommend their software and fully support their efforts.

1. OpenOffice / LibreOffice - I use it every day for everything except web development. I cannot tell you how much money this office suite has saved me and my customers over the last decade. It works in every OS I can think of, opens and edits Microsoft Office Documents, and these guys give it away for FREE? Awesome!

So there it is, my top 10 list. Feel free to suggest others.

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